Purple Punch


✅ Batch Date: August 23, 2023

Grade: AAAA
Nose: Dank, Sweet, Citrus
Nug Size: Large – Med
Type: Indica-dominant (70:30)
THC: 25.00 – 27.00% THC
Lineage: Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple
Effects: Body High, Relaxed, Sleepy
Earn up to 42-750 Reward Points
Earn up to 42-750 Reward Points

Purple Punch Strain Information

Purple Punch, a celebrated indica-dominant hybrid, blossoms from the crossing of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple strains. With a THC potency commonly spanning 18-20%, it’s a standout for those desiring robust effects. Predominantly, this strain is championed for its capabilities in soothing stress and alleviating minor aches, making it a top pick for relaxation and therapeutic sessions.

Savor the Stellar Flavor

Delving into Purple Punch’s taste offers a delightful treat. Users frequently recount a burst of blueberries and grapes, intertwined with hints of fresh vanilla. This fruity concoction, paired with subtle earthy undertones, creates a symphony of flavors that keeps aficionados coming back for more.

Experience the Dynamic Effects

When consumed, Purple Punch quickly introduces its calming aura. A gentle euphoria washes over the mind, uplifting moods and promoting a serene mindset. This cerebral pleasure is soon accompanied by a warming body relaxation, which cocoons users in comfort. Given its pronounced calming properties, this strain is best suited for evening use or when deep relaxation is the goal.

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