Purple Kush


Grade: AAA
Nose: Kush, Vanilla, Earthy
Nug Size Med and Small
Type: Indica
THC: 22.00 – 23.00% THC
Lineage: Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry
Earn up to 29-520 Reward Points
Earn up to 29-520 Reward Points

Purple Kush Strain Information

Delve into the captivating realm of a remarkable pure indica strain, adored by the cannabis community worldwide. Born from the alliance of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this variety boasts an impressive THC content, typically averaging between 18-25%. It’s often chosen for its pronounced sedative qualities, offering potential relief for those dealing with discomfort, insomnia, and stress.

Unfolding the Unique Flavor Profile

This special variety presents a palate-pleasing blend of sweet, grape-like notes, complemented by subtle earthy undertones. Each puff takes the user on a delightful flavor journey, distinguishing it among the cannabis strains and securing its spot in the hearts of enthusiasts.

Dive into the Profound Effects

Experience the profound relaxing impact of this strain. Those who partake often note its capacity to instill an immediate sense of calm and tranquility. The initial cerebral high smoothly transitions into full-body relaxation, promoting a peaceful slumber. While primarily recognized for its sedative influence, it also provides a soothing mental clarity, gaining favor among users.

Weight N/A
  • 7g
  • 14g
  • 28g
  • 1/4 Lb
  • 1/2 Lb


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