MK Ultra

18.00 – 23.00% THC
1% CBD

Grade: AAAA
Nose: Diesel, Earthy, Sweet
Nug Size Med and Big
Type: Indica Dom Hybrid (90/10)
THC: 18.00 – 23.00% THC
Lineage: OG Kush x G-13
Effects: Relaxed, Ease, Lifted

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MK Ultra Strain Information

MK Ultra, an indica-dominant hybrid, is a formidable blend of OG Kush and G-13. Renowned for its high THC content, which typically ranges between 18-23%, it stands out as a top choice for those seeking powerful effects. This strain is particularly celebrated for its use in managing insomnia and chronic pain, making it a go-to for medicinal purposes and deep relaxation.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The flavor profile of MK Ultra is intriguing and robust. It features a unique blend of earthy and pungent tones, complemented by hints of pine and woody undertones. This complex and rich taste makes it a favorite for those who appreciate a more traditional, deep cannabis aroma and flavor.

Upon consuming MK Ultra, users often experience a fast-acting and potent high. It typically starts with a cerebral buzz, quickly leading to a state of heavy sedation and deep relaxation. Given its strong sedative properties, it’s most suitable for evening use, helping users unwind effectively and promoting restful sleep.

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