LSO Apples And Bananas

25.00 – 27.00% THC
1% CBD
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✅ Batch Date: April 28, 2024

Grade: AAAA
Nug Size: Med/Large
Nose: Fruity, Gassy, Sour
Type: Hybrid
THC: 25.00 – 27.00% THC
Lineage: Platinum Cookies X Granddaddy Purple
Effects: Euphoric, Creativity, Uplifting
Earn up to 30-130 Reward Points
Earn up to 30-130 Reward Points

Apples and Bananas Strain Overview

Apples and Bananas is a high-powered hybrid strain, resulting from a notable collaboration between Cookies and Compound Genetics. It derives its complex genetics from Platinum Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Power, and Gelatti. This unique blend yields a THC concentration that consistently exceeds 25%, making it particularly potent. Apples and Bananas is celebrated for its ability to enhance mood and stimulate creativity, making it a popular choice among artists and those engaged in creative pursuits.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of Apples and Bananas is as enticing as its name, featuring a delightful mix of fruity and sweet aromas with pronounced notes of apples, bananas, and a hint of berries. This fruity bouquet is complemented by subtle earthy undertones, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable tasting experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of palates.

Effects and Experience

Upon consuming Apples and Bananas, users typically experience a swift onset of euphoric and uplifting effects that enhance mood and foster a sense of well-being. This is followed by an increase in creativity and a slight boost in energy, making it ideal for both social engagements and creative sessions. As the high progresses, it evolves into a relaxing body high that isn’t overly sedative, allowing users to maintain focus and productivity throughout their day.

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1 review for LSO Apples And Bananas

  1. nicolas.6 (verified owner)

    Nice fruity floral nose, it slaps, nice daytime smoke, very clean.

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