Cookies n Cream

Grade: AAA
Nose: Sweet, Herbal, Earthy
Nug Size: Medium
Type: Hybrid (50/50)
THC: 18.00 – 22.00% THC
Lineage: Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies
Effects: Calming, Happy, Hungry

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Cookies n Cream Strain Information

Introducing Cookies and Cream, an exquisite hybrid strain that has quickly become a fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. This delightful treat is a result of crossing the legendary strains Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies. With THC levels averaging between 18% and 22%, Cookies and Cream promises a balanced high that is both enjoyable and accessible to a wide range of users.

Flavour and Effects

When it comes to appearance, Cookies and Cream truly lives up to its name. The strain’s buds showcase a stunning mix of light green and deep purple hues, adorned with a generous dusting of frosty white trichomes. The contrast between the colors and the glistening crystals creates a visual treat that is hard to resist.

Cookies and Cream’s flavor profile is nothing short of mouthwatering. As the name suggests, this strain offers a delectable blend of sweet, creamy flavors reminiscent of freshly baked cookies, accompanied by a subtle hint of vanilla. The aroma is equally enchanting, boasting a delightful combination of earthy notes and sweet undertones that linger in the air, making each puff a truly pleasurable experience.

The effects of Cookies and Cream are well-balanced, offering users the best of both worlds. Initially, a cerebral rush will elevate your mood and spark creativity, allowing you to enjoy a focused, uplifted state of mind. As the high progresses, a soothing body relaxation sets in, melting away stress and tension without causing excessive sedation. This makes Cookies and Cream an ideal choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and mild pain while maintaining an active and engaged mindset.

In conclusion, Cookies and Cream is a delicious strain that offers a harmonious blend of uplifting and relaxing effects. Its eye-catching appearance, irresistible flavors, and versatile effects make it a must-try for anyone seeking a delightful cannabis experience.

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