Russian Cream Backwoods


Content Per Pack: 5x Russian Cream Broadleaf Tobacco Cigars
Warning: This product contains tobacco. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers. Keep away from minors under 19 years old.

Earn up to 17-120 Reward Points
Earn up to 17-120 Reward Points

Russian Cream Backwoods is a sought-after flavor from the renowned Backwoods cigarillo brand. This unique blend captivates users with its creamy undertones, punctuated by notes of vanilla and chocolate. Beyond traditional smoking, many enthusiasts choose Russian Cream for wrapping cannabis, creating what’s known as a “blunt.” Its distinct, rich taste and aromatic allure have cemented its position as a favorite among both casual smokers and aficionados.


Pack of 5, Carton (8 Packs of 5 Cigars)


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