Afghani Transformer Hash

THC Content: 55.00 – 62.00% THC
CBD CONTENT 0.00 – 4.00% CBD
TEXTURE Soft/Medium & Sticky
ORIGIN Afghanistan

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Afghani Transformer Hash is a prime representation of the rich tradition of hashish-making that emanates from Afghanistan, a region long revered for its expertise in producing some of the world’s most potent and aromatic hash. This particular variant, named “Transformer,” often alludes to its malleable and pliable texture, allowing users to easily mold or “transform” it into various shapes. Characterized by its deep, earthy aroma and strong, sedative effects, Afghani Transformer Hash is typically dark in color, sometimes bordering on black, with a glossy exterior. Its consumption offers users a profound journey into relaxation, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a deep, traditional hashish experience. The combination of Afghanistan’s ideal growing conditions, age-old processing methods, and the inherent qualities of the indigenous cannabis strains results in a hash that stands out both in quality and potency.

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2 reviews for Afghani Transformer Hash

  1. packs&Stacks (verified owner)

    Pretty smooth ,burns nice

  2. Paulo T. (verified owner)

    really enjoy this in my blunts

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